Tickets: The Big News

Jun 21, 2021

Bells! Sirens! Bleeping sounds! Big Announcement:

Kiwiburn has a new ticketing system!

Input was asked and received, ExCom has conferred, and 2 big decisions were made:

  1. Kiwiburn 2022 tickets will be sold using a lottery system
    1. Registration will be open from 00:01 on Thursday 24 July until 23:59 on Thursday 30 September. 
    2. Registration will involve creating a bio. 
    3. Each bio can buy a maximum of two tickets.
    4. Sales will go live on Thursday 7 October. Everyone registered will be put onto Step in a random order.
    5. Step will email you if you are at the front of the queue, and you will have 2 weeks to complete the purchase. After this initial 2 week period, the time window for buying tickets returns to the standard 48 hours.
    6. Any tickets that were not purchased in the first allocation will be put back into step and reallocated to the next people in the queue.

So no more sitting there with your finger on the trigger on sales day – just check your email and you won’t miss your chance. 

  1. 50% of all Kiwiburn tickets – that’s at least 1000 tickets* – will be allocated to volunteers, artists and themecamps. That is more than double the allocation of previous years, and among the highest numbers for any Burning Man regional.
    1. This is a right to buy a ticket, not a free ticket 
    2. We will provide more guidance on how to apply for this allocation soon.

This should help ensure that participants who contribute to Kiwiburn in a big way do not miss out on bringing their art/camp/much needed services to the Burn.

We are putting together an FAQ about the new system, which will answer many of your questions. Watch this space! If you still have questions or comments, contact us on .

This is a first try at a new thing – we will be watching how the new system performs and updating, refreshing and changing things in 2023 based on how it all goes next year!

*depending on final overall numbers

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