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Sep 9, 2019

Last chance to create a Kiwiburner Profile before tickets to go on sale this weekend!

In case you missed it, Kiwiburn 2020: Eclectic Decade tickets go on sale 14 SEPTEMBER from 10am (NZT). Yep, that’s this Saturday folks. All the information on tickets you could possibly want is here. And if you’re buying tickets from outside of New Zealand, check here for your local time.

You must have an active KIWIBURNER PROFILE set up before you can purchase tickets, so create or update yours before Saturday. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with details how to buy tickets.

There is a real buzz and a lot of interest so we have a feeling tickets might sell out relatively quickly, especially given that peeps are hungry for Kiwiburn after a year hiatus. Set your alarm, check your internet connection, have payment details at the ready and log-in to snag your hot hot hot Kiwiburn 2020 tickets.

You’ve read the Conditions of Entry, right? It’s gonna be an eclectic year and we cannot wait to see you on the Paddock!

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