Want a Kiwiburn 2025 Ticket? You’re in luck!

Jun 10, 2024

Want to return to the Paddock in 2025? Unless you want to hedge your bets in the lottery (and there’s only 450 of them to ‘win’), then your best bet is to get involved!

But don’t fret my friend, you’ll have more chances than ever to get involved. This year, there’ll be more roles that come with a guaranteed ticket. So you’ll have more opportunities to get your hot little hands on one.

Not keen to trust the lottery gods? (Even though it’s better odds than winning $50 Million in the Lotto). We don’t blame you! It’s much safer to check out the ‘Join the Crew’ article below and find out how to get involved.

If for some reason none of the currently listed roles stand out to you, then hang tight, we’ll be listing more over the coming months. Not just year round roles of course, but onsite roles too. Many of these will come with tickets. So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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