What to Do and Not To Do!

Jan 18, 2021

Just a little over a week to go folks! Excited? You should be!

Here is a wee reminder of the things to be mindful off:

  • Do pack enough water, sunscreen, warm clothes (it does get chilly at night), sanitiser and torches/lights
  • Do slip, slap and slop. The sun is rather hot in these here parts
  • Don’t take pictures/video of people without their expressed consent. Also watch out for who or what is in the background and ensure you only post pictures on social media if the person in the picture has given permission.
  • Do ask before you hug or touch anyone
  • Don’t stuff jeans (yeah, that happened) or anything else into the toilets that does not belong there! The suck-truck gets clogged and it ain’t pretty and not cheap to sort
  • Do prepare for longer gate queues this year due to a Covid questionnaire
  • Don’t come to site with a cold and without Covid test from the last 48hrs
  • Do watch out for one another and ensure your friends and camp mates are looked after
  • Do support the local community and stock up for essentials close by. There is a smallish grocery store (part of the gas station) and several curio shops in Hunterville, including a small steampunk store!
  • Do have fun and let’s make this the most epic Kiwiburn ever!!


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