Safety FIRST!

Jan 18, 2021

With Kiwiburn just over a week away, it’s time to refresh your site safety preparation. No one wants to go to all the trouble of getting on the Paddock, only to go home with a hole in their foot on day two. Below are some of the things you can do at your camps to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time at the Burn.

The Lay of the Land:

  • There is a steep, winding, gravel hill to descend on arrival (and ascend at Exodus). Do not overload your vehicle and make sure your brakes are in good, working order. If you’re towing, make sure you’re in a low gear and follow Gate and traffic instructions. 
  • No camping in the forest. Be aware of falling trees/branches. The forest is for Awake & Alert participation only. We’re already had several branches fall
  • The river can be dangerous. The currents are strong enough to carry a person away, so always ensure there is someone else with you
  • The cliffs will fall, and you can fall off them. The river is an ever-changing landscape. Stay away from the cliffs, as they often break-off and fall into the river below. In fact, there is also a blog about exactly what can go wrong when cliffs fall. Read it here
  • Respect the marked boundaries. They are there for your own safety. There will be clear signage on where to be and where not to be. 
  • Stay this side of the river. Kiwiburn has a no-excuse approach to people being on the other side of the river or anywhere that is clearly outside of Kiwiburn boundary. If you are seen there, you will be evicted! 

At Your Camp or Theme Camp:

Cables: Minimising the risk

  • Use heavier insulated cables instead of household cables. These are less likely to tear or have insulation wear, and are more resilient over time (so the extra cost will pay off).
  • Use longer cables (20m+ where applicable). This means fewer connection points, and less chance of things being disconnected. 
  • Hang cables under cover where possible. Keeping cables off the ground and out of the way works reduces the risk of people tripping over, and also keeps the weather out. 
  • Use waterproof plug covers.
  • Tape all plug-to-plug connections. 
  • Make camp members aware of shut-off switches for all electrics.


  • Generators need to be positioned in such a way that they, and the emissions they produce, are isolated from occupied or frequently-occupied areas.
  • Fuel should be stored AT LEAST 5 meters away from the location of the generator, ideally in shaded conditions.
  • Cables from generators – see above!

Structures and fixings

  • Consider foot traffic when erecting your structures, and ensure that guy ropes and pegs are placed in a way that minimises trip hazards.
  • Guy ropes should be highlighted or made visible as much as is reasonably practicable. Yay shiny flags!
  • If you are using waratah posts or reinforcing bars for larger fixings, ensure that the exposed points of these are covered and highlighted to prevent injury if someone were to walk into or trip over these.

Theme Camp H&S Plans 

All Theme Camps should have now submitted their Health & Safety plans. Please ensure you have a copy of these with you on site! Our H&S Team will be going around to inspect your site on set-up, and will be asking you to see the copy of your plan.

Safety teams will be completing a checklist to ensure you have set up your camp according to your plan, and will work with you to make any improvements or adjustments required so you get a big green tick.

Fire Safety

Please make sure you have read and understand Kiwiburn’s Fire Safety documents regarding Burn Barrels, Fire Spinning, and Kitchen Fire Safety, as our H&S team will be checking for adherence to these.


This year, we also have to keep in mind the possibility of a global pandemic intruding upon our paradise. Kiwiburn 2021 has an extensive COVID-19 Management Policy in place at the Gate and on-site to ensure the virus is kept out. If, for any reason, Kiwiburn organisers are concerned about a breach of this safety net, the organisation reserves the right to implement sanitation and/or social distancing measures within the Burn itself. Hopefully, this will not come to pass and the measures in place at entry will allow the Burn to go ahead in all its messy glory within its borders.

Photo Credit: Kasai

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