Who’s Who in the Kiwiburn Zoo: The Depot

Oct 26, 2020

There are so many moving parts to Kiwiburn – participants making the Burn happen in all sorts of ways. We’d like to introduce you to the various teams as we go up to the main event. At the very least, you’ll know who does what! But also, it may help you choose your volunteer shifts on site! This week’s Creature Feature is on the Depot

The Depot is like a kissing booth, but with ice and no kissing… so it’s actually an ice booth. It’s also an information booth, and lost property, and provides a station to help Kiwiburn volunteers remember when their shifts are. If you’ve been to Kiwiburn before, you may have bought ice from the Depot – it’s the only thing you can buy at Kiwiburn in our decommodified culture (for food safety reasons too).

The main functions of Depot:

  • Sell ice, giving you cold drinks and absence of gastroenteritis
  • Give (mis) information and (friendly) sass
  • Tattoos!
  • Fake news
  • Volunteer hub: sign up, check shifts, and get picked up for gate duty
  • Look after valuable lost property (small, personal things like phones and keys. No clothes (especially chaps!) mutant vehicles, or forgetful campmates)*

Other delicious things to be found at Depot:

  • Revolving clothesline, bogan cousin of The Changing Womb
  • Daily events board for anyone to add to (especially if it isn’t in the event guide)
  • Rideshare board
  • Big site map

If you like the sound of being a Depot Queen/King, selling ice and giving sass, watch out for the Depot volunteer call and sign up for a shift!

*Please note: despite previous reporting (fake news!), all Participants and Theme Camps must look after their own lost property, unless it is valuables. So lost clothes, shoes, lip balm, rubber duckies, as well as lost minds, opportunities and entire days (wtf happened to Thursday?) do not belong in the Lost and Found, and need to be corralled, shepherded and otherwise taken care of by the participants. We have a FB lost and found page where you can post and organise retrieval post-event!

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