Have your say on your next Regional Burning Man Contact

Oct 26, 2020

The Burning Man Regional Network team, in collaboration with local leaders, is searching for a community leader to build and nurture Burning Man community initiatives in the New Zealand region. These five candidates have stepped up to help keep the flame burning:
Shelley Watson
Bianca Costa
Nuri Gocay
Sam Clemens
Preston Hegel
Since Regional Contacts work to help strengthen and foster connections in local regions, we want your feedback about each candidate under consideration. This assists us in making the best selection for your local community. We are using a confidential survey tool to collect this information.
If you know any of them, please complete this Community Feedback Survey no later than November 8, 2020. Your confidential feedback assists us in making the best selection for your local community.
You can learn more about the Regional Contact selection process by reading:
If you have questions about this process or additional feedback, which cannot be captured in the survey, please don’t hesitate to email us via regional-network@burningman.org. Thank you!
SciFi and the Regional Network Team

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