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Oct 26, 2020

There are a plethora of volunteer positions currently available for Kiwiburn 2021, including several important lead and 2IC roles. Finding able and willing volunteers to fill these roles is absolutely vital to ensure a healthy and happy Burn. Lead roles currently available include:

Site Office Manager:

The Site Office Manager needs to be onsite for 2 to 3 weeks before the Burn, to set up the Site Office and provide site safety inductions for build crews, volunteers, and early-entry Theme Camp participants. The Site Office provides information, resources and training to volunteers and participants at the Burn, and the Manager needs to maintain its phone and internet access, allocate radios, print and maintain signs and vital documents, and ensure the first aid kit is kept up to scratch. They will also pack down the Site Office tidily at the end, while simultaneously providing support to other pack down crew. They will have the assistance of Crew Support, the Infrastructure Facilitator and Event Manager. The Site Office Manager role is a significant time commitment, and requires someone with exceptional organisational and communication skills, as well as an eye for detail, some IT skills, and a good memory.

Traffic Lead:

The Traffic Lead collates the traffic information needed for Kiwiburn’s traffic management plan, and co-ordinates the on-site traffic team to help guide and park participants when they first arrive on the Paddock. They will also liaise with the Town Planning, Greeters, and Gate teams to ensure the traffic runs smoothly. They should ideally be on-site through both the entire Burn and for up to three days beforehand. They should have strong leadership, organisation and motivation skills, plus ideally be familiar with Google Suite and NZ traffic law. They will also need to remain relatively sober during much of the Burn.

2IC (that is, Second in Command) roles currently available include:

Site Safety Facilitator 2IC:

This 2IC helps the Site Safety Facilitator lead and communicate with the Safety team, help manage their team’s budget, and make sure ExCom understand what they require. Their responsibilities are primarily before and after the Burn itself rather than on-site, and they should ideally have some leadership experience, including with at least one of the Black Sheep Rangers, FAST, Health and Safety, or Site Manager teams at Kiwiburn.

Health and Safety Officer 2IC:

This 2IC reviews the health and safety paperwork that all of Kiwiburn’s Theme Camps, art installations, and volunteer teams are required to complete and supply. They ensure all the forms are filled out correctly, then collate them into a book to be available on the Paddock. They will also be involved in inspecting Theme Camps and art installations on-site to ensure all hazards have been identified and managed. They should be on-site one to two days prior to the Burn to help provide training. They need to have strong teamwork, communication, and time-management skills, and a familiarity with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

You can find job descriptions for all of these roles, and more, at Kiwiburn’s Volunteer Opportunities page. 

If you see yourself in one of these roles, or one of the many other roles listed on the site, apply by emailing volunteer@kiwiburn.com. Tell us which role/roles you are interested in and we will take it from there!


Image credit: Author: Tungilik. Source: Wikicommons.

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