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ARTery Makers Space

We have beefed up our ARTery team this year and are trying some new things on the Paddock. Yay volunteering! This will be our first go at providing a Makers Space - a community place to craft something or learn a new crafting skill. Let's make ART together!  ...

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Worm Feeders Needed!

Hungry for a chance to make a sustainable impact at Kiwiburn? The Worm Farm Canteen beckons! Our eyeless overlords need willing servants to sustain them! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to aid the sanitation team in managing food waste destined for...

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ARTery Online Preview

Thank you for bringing your Art to the Paddock in 2024!   Join us for this online preview of what to expect when you arrive on site, support services and special events. Get to preview some of the amazing Art coming to the Paddock, and meet and chat with other...

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Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading is a short zine letting you know about how to stay safe at the Burn. This is a light overview, not a handbook. Kiwiburn encourages you to adhere to the Guiding Principles, but we are hoping this zine will help you out if you need. Download your...

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Art Shark

Kiwiburn Arts Committee (that's KAC to you) returns with ART SHARK - your live on TV Paddock Art Grant-a-thon. Artists and creatives Paddock-wide are invited to pre-apply for a grant for Kiwiburn 2025, Thursday 25 January at 3pm @ Camp Nipple Clamp. Our panel of KAC...

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Data Collection

Calling Data Aficionados: Join Kiwiburn’s Sustainability Crew! Hey, number nerds and sustainability champs! Kiwiburn needs your wizardry. We're assembling a formidable squad of reliable data collectors to drive our sustainability mission. No need for statistical...

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Important Dates for Kiwiburn 2024

Check out this week's update of important dates for Kiwiburn 2024. January 2024 3rd - Event and event guide submissions close 5th - Art registration closes 5th - Large Art Logistics grant applications close 24th-29th - See you on the Paddock!

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Gate and Traffic Changes for KB24

Coming to Kiwiburn 2024? Then be sure to read this important info regarding entry to the event! Gate hours remain the same this year; however the first hour of Wednesday 24th (8-9am) will be dedicated to express entry only. This means Theme Camps, artists, and...

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In the true spirit of Leave No Trace, we're taking Kiwiburn to new eco-friendly heights! We heard your call for a solution to food scraps, and this year, we proudly introduce worm farm composting at Kiwiburn! Why worms, you ask? Well, these little heroes are masters...

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Self Care this Silly Season

With so many epic events happening this summer, we want to remind everyone the importance of taking care of yourself (and others) so you can enjoy Kiwiburn (and any other events you might be heading to) safely. Hydration - super important! We know a warm DoBro is what...

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