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Communications 2iC Needed

Kiwiburn’s Communications team needs a second-in-charge, a trusty sidekick for our team leader. We’ve been searching for the right person to fill this role for a little while now but still haven’t found them, so now’s the time to put up your hand!  As Communications...

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Build Something. Apply for Something.

There are only 3 more weeks until Art Grant Applications close - time to sit down, storm your brain, draw some diagrams and submit your application for your Art Grant. Let the amazing poster be your inspiration - this Burn is going to be wild, unpredictable and not...

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Call for Participation in Virtual Burn

You know what the best thing about Virtual Burn is? Everyone can participate - no matter where you are in the world.  Check out this tantalizing teaser video of the experience that awaits us all when we create it together,...

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Burner Bio Registration Opens Saturday 24 June

As of this coming weekend, you will be able to register your Burner Profile so you can participate in the Great Kiwiburn 2022 Ticket Lottery! The registration will remain open for many weeks, so there is no rush. Here is what you need to know: The registration link...

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Seeking: One Parking Lead

Kiwiburn needs a new Parking Lead – the person who coordinates the onsite traffic team, works with Gate and Greeters to ensure all traffic on site runs safe and smooth, and directs it to where it needs to be. To take on this role, you’ll need leadership and training...

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Art Grants are Open!

What would you like to see at Kiwiburn 2022? Now’s your chance to make it a reality!  Art Grants are open until 15 August. Head to our website to apply now! Art: Peace Crane by Jackson Turner    

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Sustainable Design from the Burning Man Project

Burning Man Project last year ran a competition for people to submit designs for projects to showcase innovations in sustainability. They have now chosen a winning project to be constructed on Burning Man’s “permanent outpost”, Fly Ranch in Nevada: Lodgers, “a series...

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