Planning for the 2017 event

Kiwiburn Media TeamExCom, Kiwiburn

Each Kiwiburn is different – as we grow the needs of our community change. There are some significant changes to ticketing for 2017 so we want you to be prepared before they go on sale on Wednesday 12 October.

Firstly, a ticket to Kiwiburn will cost $170 + booking fee.

Secondly, the ticketing structure will be flat – there will be no tiers this year. Such fundamental changes have been discussed in detail and at length by Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee (ExCom) as they guide us and help plan for our future. You can follow the ExCom email discussions here.

To fully understand the reasons for the changes, all the relevant information is compiled here for you to digest.

Why are the tiers being dropped in favour of a flat structure?

A tiered structure was originally implemented to help those on lower incomes afford a ticket more easily, whilst allowing those of more means to pay more at any time. What it turned into was a bit of a lolly scramble, with no way of ensuring that the low price tickets go to the people who need them, which defeats the purpose! A tiered system was providing less value to the event than the administration work required to operate it.

We still really like the idea of a low income ticket option being available. The ExCom has considered a number of options to provide low-income tickets however they all require significant administration to run. A lack of volunteer resource means we have been unable to provide this option this year. It would require a dedicated person to run the scheme. If you’re keen to take on this project and set up a low-income system for next year, please contact the ExCom.

Why the ticket price increase?

Kiwiburn has been operating on tight budgets for a number of years, and the population jump last year exposed a number of areas in which we need to improve our volunteer support and infrastructure. In addition, new requirements of the HSWA combined with the serious harm incident at this year’s event have led to increases in insurance cost and land usage fees, along with a new ongoing cost for assessment and improvements to the Forest. Compliance is expensive. These factors alone indicate to us that for Kiwiburn to continue to grow sustainably, ticket prices need to increase to help ensure the future of the event.

It’s not a decision taken lightly; we’ve crunched the numbers, explored options, and had robust discussions over the past few months. You can read where all the money goes here, and peruse the draft budget for the 2017 event here.

The reality is there was simply no way that Kiwiburn could continue to operate safely without some significant changes. Thanks for understanding and thanks to the ExCom for their guidance. The only certainty is change, so get ready for ticket sales on 12 October. All the details will be on our website. Remember, there is a cap with x1600 tickets available.

We love Kiwiburn and believe it continues to be one of the best value multi-day events in New Zealand, and the only official New Zealand Burning Man regional event. See you on the Paddock!