Alright Burner Fam, let’s talk transport

Jan 2, 2023

Carpooling is a cool thing to do. You can make friends, swap stories, and try new snacks. It’s kind on the wallet, and good for the planet. Play corners in the backseat, or discover who knows all the words to the Chicago soundtrack; anything is possible when you share the journey.

For those of you who are able and wanting to link up with a car buddy or two (or three), here are some things that might help you get organised:

A good place to start is joining the KIWIBURN 2023 RIDESHARE PAGE. Post there if you’re offering a ride, or looking for one. Remember that you’ll only be able to enter before the 25th of January if you have pre-approved early entry.

If you want to try out something different, this year, the Sustainability Team is also piloting a new matchmaking form to link up ride givers with ride seekers. This involves sharing your details and preferences in an online form, which the cute green wizards on the Sustainability Team will use to connect you with your ideal car buddy. You will need to use an email that is associated with an active Burner Profile. Registrations will close 10 January, so get amongst it! Any questions, contact us here

Wondering which car to take? The Sustainability Team has done the legwork to calculate how much you’re likely to spend on fuel for different vehicle types, and the corresponding carbon footprint. Note that EV’s and hybrids are not included, and that depreciation (loss of value and repair costs) has been factored in alongside fuel costs.


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