VOLUNTEER VACANCIES: Sustainability Sleuth

Jan 2, 2023

Calling all data aficionados! We’re recruiting a brand spanking new volunteering crew for Kiwiburn 2023 (note: spanking not required).

Kiwiburn’s Sustainability Team is always trying to find ways to reduce our environmental impact. An important part of that mahi is keeping track of how we are doing in terms of sustainability, year after year. Essentially, we need some good hard data on where we’re at in order to know where we’re going. Robust data, reliable, the kind of data that will embrace you in strong dependable arms and really let itself be known. 

That’s where you come in, you glorious number nerd, you delightful form jockey. You truly are a paragon of environmental and statistical virtue, and that makes you handsome to boot. We can’t collect data without volunteers, so if you love a form and a yarn, have an interest in sustainability and are keen to contribute to Kiwiburn reducing its footprint, then please get in touch! 

This year, a crew of trusty sustainability data collectors will be on the gate going car to car with a survey. You don’t have to have any special statistical knowledge to do this role. What you do need is to be reliable attention to detail, the ability to swiftly collect information and fitness sufficient for being on your feet for 3-4 hours. 

Sound like you? Make sure that you are available onsite for training BEFORE the event on Tuesday 24th of January, and for 3-4 hours on Wednesday 25th. Then fill out the onsite volunteer form, choose sustainability as an option, and mention SUSTAINABILITY DATA COLLECTION in the comments on the form. 


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