Arriving and Driving on Site

Jan 20, 2020

Gate Entry Information

Gate opens at 8am, Wednesday 22 January! Please DO NOT arrive and start queueing before 8am, you will be sent away to wait somewhere else!

You can chill at Vinegar Hill Camp Ground nearby, or hang out and have a coffee in Hunterville, then arrive at the Gate from 8am.

Have your tickets ready for Gate volunteers as there is no cellphone reception on Cooks Rd. Download them BEFORE you turn off State Highway 1!

When you arrive at the end of the queue, please pull off on the left hand side of the road and join the line of cars. Please wait inside or in the vicinity of your vehicle and one of our friendly-ish Gate crew will come say hi before too long!

We are all super keen to get on the Paddock, however you should be prepared to wait at Gate. Keep your expectations low and we’ll do our best to exceed them! Have water and snacks handy for the wait. Don’t start the party until you’re on the Paddock. And be kind to our awesome Gate crew, who are all doing their best to get everyone in as fast as possible.

Once you’ve made it through gate and had your ticket downloaded like good little burners, you will come past Greeters to receive your official welcome. Now you need to find your camp and GET ON WITH THIS THING.

Please be mindful of others when driving and do not exceed 10Km/hr. There is no rush, no need to get anywhere fast, you’re on the Paddock now.

Once you’ve set up your camp, please take your vehicle to the official parking lot, unless you’re sleeping in it or it is an essential part of your camp’s infrastructure.

See you all on Wednesday!

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