Blazing Swan shall burn

Mar 1, 2021

One of the antipodean Regional Burning Man brethren, our Western Australian cousin Blazing Swan, is set to go ahead on 1-6 April. They have just sold out tickets in record time. Sound familiar? 

Blazing Swan was one of many Burns that had to be cancelled last year, and this year they have made a number of Covid-related adjustments, such as restricting size to 1,500 (usually the event caters to about double that) and shortening the event to 6 (instead of 7) days. There are also other more minor changes, such as releasing tickets very close to the event and offering them in a number of batches on sale day, which went in record time! 

Fingers crossed for Blazing Swan 2021: Phoenix,  that the event goes off without a hitch and without any more delays due to Covid! 

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