Post-Master, Post-haste!

Mar 1, 2021

Here is a chance to be one of the core, behind-the scenes, year-round volunteers who can relax during the Burn because they made it ALL HAPPEN beforehand: Join our Comms team as the PostMaster (like Beast Master, but with emails!) 

Behind the scenes, where no-one can see, Kiwiburn works because volunteers talk to each other using the magic of Gmail and the Gsuite. If this is something you have experience in, please bring your expertise wrangling Google Workspace to the team! Technical knowledge around email servers/systems, domains, websites and similar digital tools is a huge bonus but not essential. 

This role will only require up to an hour or two of your time each week, but does require you to check your inbox regularly and be responsive to queries. Sound like you? Check out the volunteering positions page to see the full job description.

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