Burning Man 2023 Update

Sep 11, 2023

Yes, we’re covering BM2023. Of course, it’s no surprise that Burning Man, yet again, has followed Kiwiburn’s lead and made 2023 the year for a “mud-burn”. The pictures coming from the Playa are reminiscent of our paddock Swamp-Stomp.

Although, any of you with an internet connection will undoubtedly have heard the scores of tales coming out of Black Rock City this year. Everything from prehistoric shrimp emerging from the mud, to Burners being told to ration their food supplies. Instead of trying to cover them all at length, here are some of the key points from this year’s Burning Man. 

  • Tragedy: One fatality occurred during the festival, serving as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and the very real hazards that the desert can throw at you. Although there have been deaths at previous burns, it’s still jarring news to learn that a Burner has passed away at a Burn. 
  • Hurricane Drama: Hurricane Hilary briefly closed the festival gates, adding a dramatic twist to the event’s start.
  • Protesters’ Demands: Protesters demanded bans on private planes, single-use plastics, and power usage restrictions, sparking controversy.
  • Ukraine Tribute: The burning of a box symbolizing war-torn Ukraine with an emotional opera performance was a standout moment for many Burners. 
  • Rain and Mud: Heavy rainfall and flash flood warnings turned the playa into a sludgy test of resilience, testing the guiding principle of Radical Self-Reliance. 
  • Defiant Burners: Despite the challenges, many attendees embraced the spirit of Burning Man, dancing through rain and mud. Many Burners have taken to social media, condemning those who fled the rain (Despite instructions to remain in place) saying that those escaping have neglected those guiding principles. 
  • The Burn Endures: Burning Man 2023 highlighted the unwavering commitment to art, community, and self-expression, the temple burned (two days late!) but the spirit of BM could not be extinguished by the relentless rain. 

Lots to take away from this, if anyone was at BM2023, or just wants to contribute their two cents, we’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email at news@kiwiburn.com !!

Image Credit: BM Official Instagram.

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