Greeters Need a Co-lead 

Sep 11, 2023

Do you love people? Do you love people who love people? Greeters are the welcome squad for Burners, both new and old, coming Home to the Paddock and this marvelous team needs a co-lead!

The Greeters Co-lead spearheads the setup of the Greeters station pre-Burn, rosters and wrangles volunteers before and during the event, and tackles the takedown and MOOP sweep of the Greeters station post-Burn (among a few other things!).

If you think this sounds a little like you, you’re keen to get yourself on-site early (skip the entry queue anyone?), and keen for an allocated ticket, check out this link for the full job description and click right here to apply.

Image credit: Tristan Tolley

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