Drum roll please: Your Poster for Kiwiburn 2022, Time Travel

Jul 26, 2021

Cole Holyoake created the winning design among a bumper crop of 12 entries (a record). When choosing the winner, KAC (Kiwiburn Arts Committee) purposefully moved away from the softer, more whimsical designs of the past, given the turbulent times we are in and the open theme. A huge thanks to all those who went to great trouble to submit a poster idea, we know a lot of work goes into this!

Here is what Cole has to say about his design:

“A wormhole passage through time; a shortcut. I’ve illustrated a hyper-speed journey by having the burner being pulled through a wormhole, as I have never seen anyone time travel at snails’ pace.


The caricature adds a layer of playfulness which is one of my favourite aspects of the burn and I’m sure will resonate with others! The decorative accessories support the love for radical self expression.


The emerging reddish-orange glow and the reflection of the metamorphosis figure in the googles portrays the heart of Kiwiburn, the Effigy.


The time on the clock is a personal touch that has significant meaning to me.


What it symbolises for me has aspects I want to bring in and celebrate at the burn as well as let go. 11:11 can signal the alignment of vibrations created by the energy of your thoughts – past, preset or future.


Overall, the illustration is a balance of fantasy grounded by reality which to me captures the essence of Kiwiburn – an experience that is not of this world but in fact happens right here on planet Earth.”

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