Feel the Burn Year Round!

Mar 13, 2023

If you’re missing that unparalleled feeling of being immersed in Kiwiburn – y’know, that bubbling excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation you feel in the lead up to the Burn – we have something that miiight just hit the spot!

Many of you will know that our fantastic community keeps its wheels turning with the blood, sweat, and tears (not really, but most definitely some kick-ass dedication) of amazing volunteers gifting their time, knowledge, resources, and skills. We’ve got a few year-round positions that need filling, which in turn might help you fill that Burn shaped hole you find within yourself. Mosey on over to our volunteer page and take a look. If any of them sound a little up your alley, fill in this form to submit your application.

Between you and me, volunteering for a year-round role really does help keep you immersed in and excited about the wonderfulness of Kiwiburn all year long, and I highly recommend it!

Image credit: Tangent

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