Regional Round Up

Mar 13, 2023

Thinking of putting together an Art installation for Kiwiburn 24? Need some inspiration? Or perhaps you’re just sick of looking at on-ramps and brake lights this week and want to look at some great Art. Then have a snoop at some of the other amazing Art submissions from the wide world of Burns… 

Burning Man

We have to start with the OG Burn. Anybody who has been on the Playa, or follows Burning Man on Instagram (and if you don’t follow them, what are you up to? Give them a follow @burningman) can attest to the incredible sights to be beheld at Black Rock City. 

Burning Man has assembled a big ol’ gallery of proposed Art installations they have dubbed the “honoraria”. There are some truly epic ideas in here that reflect the theme of Burning Man 23, which is Animalia. 


Modifyre is Queensland and Northern New South Wales’ annual Burn, and unsurprisingly for an Australian Burn, she’s a hot one! Modifyre has seen some truly amazing Art pieces over the years. To get you in the mood, here’s a sneaky link to their Arts scrapbook

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Modifyre, and you want to register a piece, the form you are looking for is right here

Burning Seed

Those lucky Australians and their multiple Burns… Burning Seed had to cancel last year due to flooding, so they’ll be back this year with a vengeance! It kicks off in a week, with their theme from last year (which has aged amazingly) Rekindle

The Art installations are sure to be amazing! So be sure to give them a follow on FB or the ‘gram, @burning.seed. 


AfrikaBurn (which is in only forty-five days!) is temporarily home to some of the sickest Art installations you’ll ever lay your peepers on.

Yes, I know I’ve posted this video before, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to share the epicness that is encapsulated in these three minutes. Have a gander and pilfer some ideas for your own Art installations for whichever Burn(s) you call home. 

Blazing Swan

Blazing Swan, yet ANOTHER ‘Straya Burn, is being held this Easter in Western Australia. They’re rolling with the uniquely oxymoronic theme of Poseidon’s Flame, so naturally there’ll be some flaming-wet goodness to come out of the Art this year!

The concept of making a theme out of two opposing concepts (like a god of the sea and fire) is a pretty cool place to start when trying to get the creative juices flowing. Be sure to keep an eye on their Instagram @blazing_Swan to see what wild and wonderful installations arise from the outback. 

Image credit: a Dario/AI collaboration

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