Happy non-denominational, end-of-year celebration, Human Beings!

Dec 19, 2022

Whether you spin a dreidel, light the seven Kwanzaa candles, hang shiny things on a pine tree trapped in an artificial stasis bewtixt life and death, or are just glad to see the back end of 2022, we at Kiwiburn want to wish you and your peeps the happiest of Decembers! 

The Kiwiburn crew has been labouring and are beyond pumped to see you in little over a month (That’s right, it’s like a month away, holysmokes). 

This year has dealt its share of challenges, tragedies and downright not-very-nicenessnesses (brand new word, patent pending). You all get your share of bad news every day from the tiny glass overlord in your pocket, so take a moment to read our bullet points of GOOD STUFF that happened in 2022: 

  • Tokyo makes solar panels mandatory for new homes built after 2025
  • A photographer sniffed out a magnolia species not seen for a century
  • Air New Zealand to develop zero-emission demonstrator planes by 2026
  • A new malaria vaccine has shown to be up to eighty percent effective at preventing transmission
  • The James Webb telescope captured light from the most ancient galaxy yet, 13 BILLION years old!

There were many, many more, you just need to look!

Take these achievements with you into the new year, eat good food and spend time with your preferred humans, animals or many-sided dice! 

And of course, the best news of all, Kiwiburn 2023: Time Travel was given the green light to pick up where we left off waaaaay back in 2021! Bring on the BUUUUUUUUUURN

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