Holy Transferable Theme Camp Tickets, Batman!

Dec 19, 2022

Yes, you heard right. You have spoken, and the beautiful humans at ticketing have answered. We get it, plans are made, and then life happens. It’s not always possible for the person who bought the ticket to attend the Burn. Therefore, mountains have been moved and a ONE TIME transfer of Theme Camp tickets are now possible. 

The official statement is:

“Theme Camp reserve tickets are now transferable through Quicket, but each TC reserve ticket is only transferable once. This means if a second transfer of a ticket is required then the TC should contact ticketing to resolve this with them. All other reserve tickets remain non-transferable. Theme Camp reserve tickets remain unsellable, however if one of their team suddenly can’t make it (and are not being replaced via transfer) then they are to contact ticketing who will refund that ticket and release a ticket onto STEP.

In addition, ticketing is extending the deadline for Theme Camp and Art reserve ticket purchases to 21 December as there are still a few people who have not purchased, and to accommodate any issues which may have occurred in ticket purchasing.”


If this seems less than ideal, remember that Kiwiburn tickets ALWAYS have a demand that far exceeds supply. This is a factor in the decisions that are made. If the newly available transfers mean that you are now going to be at Time Travel 2023, we’ll see you on the paddock!

Raining Tickets! Made by Dario

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