Onsite Crew Support Needed

Dec 19, 2022

Did you know, there are a bunch of fan-freakin-tastic people who rock up to the Paddock from the start of January to get things ready for us? Well, those hard-working souls need people who are supportive, empathetic, proactive, and people-focused to support them while they prepare for our homecoming.


Crew Support is the ridiculously strong super-glue that helps the onsite Crew do what they need to do – think: creating safe spaces for people to chill, unwind, and be heard if they need it; observing Crew members and their interactions to ensure they’re in a fit mental and physical state; delivering water, snacks, and sunblock throughout the day; and being an enthusiastic cheer squad.


The ideal candidates for Crew Support are people with a background in both physical wellbeing and mental health, those who are kind and approachable, and capable of dealing with a large variety of people-centric situations. If you want to be onsite from early January (with the availability to do so) AND throw the Crew appreciation party, check out the full job description, and get yo’ application in.


Image credit: Georgie Judith Adams

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