Infrastructure 2IC Call

Sep 19, 2022

Are you a dab hand at Jenga? Expert Age of Empires or Sims player? Then Kiwiburn 2023 needs your talents!

The Burn draws nearer, and KB2023 needs an Infrastructure Facilitator 2IC!
The position requires the kind of someone who likes things to be “just so” and is willing to bring that energy to the Time Travel Burn, and provide some much needed support to our current Infrastructure Facilitator, Floyd.

The crux of this task is having input on where all the amazing camps will be arranged in the Paddock, where the ablutions will go, and making sure that KiwiBurn 2023 has the best layout yet! There are some extra cool additions to this year’s Burn (all will be revealed!). We need someone who loves to organise and support!

This role plays out in the run up to the Burn, and you’re free as a bird during the event.  It will require someone who can think practically and three-dimensionally. If you want to learn more about what Infrastructure has to offer check out the full description here. But keep in mind, we only need the 2IC, most of the larger tasks won’t be in your court! This is a great opportunity to contribute, learn some ropes and understudy one of the most vital behind-the-scenes roles we have. 

So, channel your inner Robin, prepare to shout “Holy Town Planning, Batman!”, and apply here!

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