It Ain’t Kiwiburn Without Art and Events!

Sep 19, 2022

Art and Events registrations for Kiwiburn 2023 Time Travel open tomorrow!

You’ll be able to register your Art and/or Events from 21 September all the way through to 5 January, so if you haven’t quite got all the details sussed yet, don’t panic – you’ve got time…for now! Check out the Art Setup Guide for some helpful guidance about bringing Art to the Paddock. 

If you’re planning to bring your wonderfully weird and whimsical Art to the Paddock, there are a small number of tickets allocated to selected Art pieces. If you want a chance at one of these precious reserve tickets, you must register your Art before 15 October. Reserve ticket allocations will be sent to selected artists on 7 November and, if you’re selected, you’ll have until 30 November to purchase yours.

Image credit: David Tung

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