Regional Round Up

Sep 19, 2022

Burn2: Virtual Week of Waking Dreams – Burn2 is a virtual Burn that runs from 7-16 October (PDT). It’s a pretty awesome official Burning Man Regional and an extension of the Burning Man culture and community. Burn2 follows the theme of Waking Dreams on the virtual Playa, with all the things you’d expect from a Burn – Art, music, fire, and friends. No matter where in the world you are, you can participate in Burn2 and relive the magic that was Burning Man Waking Dreams.

Midburnkicks off in less than three weeks. They’re expecting a whopping 180 Art installations, 44(ish) Art cars, and a ma-hoo-sive 160 Theme Camps! Plus a bunch of workshops, live performances, karaoke, games, talks, parties and even a philharmonic orchestra – this’ll be a Burn to remember!

Image credit: Mark Fromson

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