Registration Oopsie

Sep 19, 2022

Last week we warned that if you didn’t get yourself registered and activate your profile by 15 September, you would miss your chance at a ticket to Kiwiburn23. Well, we kinda messed that up! However, the warning worked. We had an influx of registrations and lottery entries – almost 900 more registrations, for a total of 2,893 entries! There’s some fierce competition!

Here’s the correct information: while registrations did close on 15 September, they will reopen on 22 September for those registering for reserve tickets or those who want to be added to the back of the STEP queue. If you missed the date, hang tight until Thursday and you can get yourself signed up when registrations reopen, however you will not be able to take part in the first drawing of the lottery. 

If you got your name in the draw, keep your eyes on your inbox on Thursday 22 September when the lottery results will be sent out and we’ll all know our place in the queue.

You then have 1 week to complete purchase before any unsold tickets are released back to those in the queue

Image credit: Dan Adams

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