Registrations are Closing SOON!

Sep 12, 2022

I know, I know. We sound like a broken record, buuuut – have you created and activated your Burner Profile yet?! If you haven’t… Go. Do. It. NOW! 

Registrations close on 15 September (pssst, that’s on Thursday. Yes, THIS Thursday, as in, 2 days from now). Everyone, and we do mean EVERYONE, needs to register and activate their profile, even if you have an allocated ticket through Volunteering, Art, or Theme Camps and aren’t entering the lottery.

Create your Profile and activate it by filling in our short, anonymous Community Survey. It’s pretty simple, and you know you’ll come down with a serious case of FOMO if you miss this deadline! Go go go!

If you don’t do this by Thursday YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KIWIBURN 2023. ‘Nuf said.

Image credit: Aron Visuals

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