How Does This Lottery Thing Work Again?

Sep 12, 2022

The time is fast approaching when we all eagerly wait in anticipation of discovering our position in the ticket lottery. On 22 September, just over a week from today, the lottery will be drawn *cue jittery excitement* and you’ll have your place in the queue. 

Remember: In order to be in the lottery, you need to register, do the Community Survey and click “Enter the Lottery” by this Thursday 15 September!

There are 920 General Sale lottery tickets up for grabs, with the remainder of the tickets being reserved for Volunteers, Artists and Theme Camps. If you land an offer to purchase a ticket, through either the General Sale lottery, STEP, or a Reserve ticket, you’ll be directed to Quicket for the final purchase. The 2023 ticket price is about $225.00 ($220.00 ticket fee + $4.71 booking fee) which represents a slight increase over the last three years. 

Some stats for you:

  • There are 2060 lottery registrations as of this Monday – that’s 4120 potential tickets wanted!
  • There are about 70 people who registered and did the survey, though did not register for the lottery – you may have your reasons; if not, get back into the system and check for a green tick in the lottery section! 

For those who managed to score a lottery ticket last year, you’ll get an extra 15% weighting on the probability of getting a lottery ticket again this year – ensure you’re logged into the Portal using the same email address that was on your ticket last year. Have a nosey here for more info on the weighting system. 

If you just can’t handle the suspense, you can skip the lottery by becoming a year-round Volunteer! Check out the available roles here and apply here!

Image credit: SN Jacobson

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