Kiwiburn’s approach to removing carbon

Mar 28, 2022

Should Kiwiburn be “carbon neutral”, and what does that mean*?

When: Tuesday 12th April, 6-7pm

Where: Virtual meeting on Google Meet.

This year, the sustainability team are working hard to start reducing Kiwiburn’s greenhouse gas emissions in a serious way, but let’s face it – the only way to completely eliminate emissions is to not have a Burn at all (and for some reason, we aren’t convinced this is the best solution…). 

So in the spirit of “leaving no trace”, we would like to do our part to remove – or offset – at least some of the greenhouse gasses we emit in running the event. Which leads us to our question for the community: how would YOU like Kiwiburn to approach carbon removal this year…?

  • Should we aim to be carbon neutral, even if it means ticket prices rising in future years?
  • Should we do the mahi of tree planting ourselves or supporting community reforestation projects? (Do you know of any…?)
  • Are YOU willing to roll up your sleeves and help out?

We would love to share our thoughts with you too, so come join us for a panel discussion on Tuesday 12th April, 6-7pm to hear from the team. 

Your input in the conversation will help to drive Kiwiburn’s carbon removal journey, so please attend the discussion, or send your thoughts to by 11:59pm Sunday 17th April.

*Does it mean we’re having ASMR Charcoal Eating Experiences? Dial in to find out!

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