New Blog/EFP Writer – Captain Intro

Mar 12, 2023

Kia ora! Captain here, the newest member of the EFP/Blog post writing team. I have a quick intro on myself for you today!

Who are you?

Some of you may have met me in HBFA camp this year, where I’m the camp lead. When I’m not on the Paddock, I’m known as Owen. I live in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, where I’m usually making websites for work. I love snowboarding, canoe polo, anything social and having a good ol’ boogie.

How did I get into Kiwiburn?

Unfortunately I only found Kiwiburn fairly recently, having been introduced to it by a good friend. Before KB23 I attended the last Ignition festival, the one that was right in the middle of Covid times. I immediately fell in love with the people, the atmosphere and the community spirit. Needless to say I was hooked instantly. I made plans to attend KB22 but alas, as you may know, it did not happen. KB23 came around and I, along with some good friends, put together the Theme Camp known as HBFA (name change pending). It was a great experience, especially being camp lead, even though it was my first Kiwiburn. From here on out I hope to attend as many Burns as possible!

Why did I volunteer for this role?

I volunteered for this role as I loved my experience at Kiwiburn, and I wanted to offer more of my time to help out however I could. I’m also a big fan of writing, so naturally this role seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I’ve been writing in a variety of different forms for years, creatively or in blog format, so I’m no stranger to this type of thing!

Well, that’ll do it for me for now! You’ll be hearing from me a lot in the future, as I settle into the role. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you and being a part of the wonderful team who grace your inbox with the latest news every week!

Ka kite, Captain. 

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