Opportunities open within ExCom 

Mar 16, 2020

Art at Kiwiburn 2020, photo by Andy Flint

There are some roles that have recently opened up on the Executive Committee for Kiwiburn, so take advantage of being able to influence the Burn you love and cherish. Here are the leadership roles ExCom is looking to fill:


ExCom is looking for a steady hand to guide the ship, a navigator to sail the Burner seas, a captain to corral the other buccaneers. The nautical theme aside, if you’re a calm and reasonable person, pride yourself in making common sense decisions and be able to cut through the bull… then you should consider applying to be the Big Dude/Dudette, or as it used to be known in the early days, Big Nob. Check out the job description here. 

Go on, be that person and put your money where your mouth is! 

Arts Facilitator

Do you have a passion for bringing Art to Kiwiburn? Would you like to have an active part in making Kiwiburn accessible to all kinds of displays, such as Art Cars, sculpture, interactive art, help the Temple and Effigy Leads with paperwork, concepts, questions and support? Are you good at liaising between different parties to ensure adherence to Kiwiburn standards, council rules and consent requirements?

ExCom is looking for an Arts Facilitator to get stuck in to guide the team and help make each successive event better than the last. Have a look at the job description to see how you can make a difference to the Burner Art community!

Safety Facilitator

Fancy yourself a safe and sensible partier, maybe had a dabble in Health and Safety, and have a passion for keeping fellow Burners out of harm’s way? Kiwiburn’s ExCom has an open volunteer position for Safety Facilitator! Year round, help make strategic and crucial decisions for Kiwiburn and work alongside a dedicated Team of Ranger Leads, Site Managers, and Health and Safety boffins as their ExCom representative to help keep the Paddock safe, even if participants get a little sideways. 

Are you up for the challenge? Read up on the position here, What will YOU bring to this role?

Communications Facilitator

You are a communications whiz, confident on being able to relay the messages that Burners care about. You’ve comfortable writing, editing and posting. This role means you are in charge of the voice of Kiwiburn, of making sure important information fgets to the right people and is topical, relevant and timely. This includes the Electric Fencepost, social media and the website. As all the other roles here, this is an opportunity to be on the decision making body, aka, the Kiwibrun ExCom.

Sounds like you? Then check out the job description here and put your name into the ring by 20 March.  

Apply for any of these roles using this form.


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