Paddock Radio is Streaming Now!

Apr 16, 2019

Wanna listen to some cool Kiwi made tunes, maybe even your own sure-to-win a Grammy masterpiece? The folk(s) at Paddock Radio are streaming music live, and they are happy to showcase your own diddies to an increasing audience. The first successful stream was on Monday 15 April , so why not be one of the first to have your music featured?

Paddock Radio is a solar powered, travelling radio station, which steams only Kiwi made music which the artist has provided, because for complicated and boring licencing reasons, you have to have the rights to the music you supply. It is being streamed via Shouting Fire, an international radio network founded and supported by Burning Man Information Radio.

Listen here (opens Youtube) for some relevant Burner chat, reporting and cool tunes.

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