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Apr 22, 2019

Kia ora koutou katoa (please excuse me, I lost my macrons…), hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

This is what is happening in the Burning world around us, starting with the Big Kahuna.

Burning Man needs your input – if you’ve ever been to the Mother Burn, are from USA, or even just have a vested interest in the future of this event, read here. Basically, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), outlining some serious changes to the way Burning Man will operate in the future, some of which are in “direct conflict with our community’s core principles”. If you are so inclined, there is HEAPS of info in the Burning Man journal: updates, background info, and a how-to.

The Clan (AfrikaBurn’s effigy) burns in 12 days!
Everyone is going, right? We’re sure you’re roaring to go or are prepared for the FOMO, though put aside your pegs and shit karaoke songs for the moment and pay attention. Ephemerality is their theme, which is what the Burn is all about, man. To be ephemeral is to be transient, fleeting, momentary, evanescent… like your memory of our newsletter (winky face); one could argue it is life itself… street art is another great example. While we wistfully wait for the art of Tankwa Town, here is an illuminating article from Widewalls, describing the origins of ephemeral art and it’s many forms. Sick.

Hyperborea: Crossroads
This is in Canada, eh? Stonemills, Ontario to be exact. Oh yah, 16-20 May we’ll all go out for a rip, bud. If you’re at a turning point in your life, you might wanna find your way there! As they say on their websiteprepare yourselves for our annual quest to the fabled lands of Hyperborea – a gathering focused on community, art and memorable experiences. Right on!

Woah! Nowhere changed their website!
It looks great, so shiny. Oh and the event is 9-14 July 2019.

Blazing Swan is live…
Well, cool. It’s all go in Western Australia where ‘Blaze’ (it’s what the cool kids call it) finishes up on 23 April. Take a look at the Facebook page (for some ‘Happy as Larry’ Temple burn shots) and webpage for more.

Also this month-ish
An elusive Swedish burn (probably), Sagauaro Man (Arizona), Burning Nest (somewhere 454m from Edinburgh), and Creme Brûlée (vive la France!).

And finally, in the spirit of this Christian holiday many of us are reaping the benefits from… a psychedelic song about Jesus, written and performed by Norman Greenbaum, raised an Orthodox Jew. Get yer wiggle on.

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