Tickets: more Burners on the Paddock in 2020!

Aug 6, 2019

Kiwiburn tickets will be on sale 10am, Saturday 14 September!

Everything is going up! The population of the Paddock is increasing to 2000 and tickets for Kiwiburn 2020 will be $195.00 + booking fee. It is costing a lot more than it did two years ago to hold our unique event. Where does the ticket money go? Check out the pie chart:

Many of our costs have increased due to contractors (Medics, Security, Sanitation and more) increasing their prices as well as having their scope of services expanded. And the cost of compliance for sound, Health, Safety & Well-being has increased along with catching up on site maintenance, infrastructure and improvements after a two year break. Not to mention insurance, legal counsel, software, year round training and support for our volunteers, and all the other tools needed to help them perform their roles effectively.

That’s a lot of factors to consider and manage. The ExCom reached this decision after very robust discussion, trimming, consolidating and squeezing as much from the budget as possible to keep the ticket price as low as possible for 2020, as well as planning for the future. 

Everyone will need to make a Kiwiburner Profile to be able to buy tickets. They will be on sale 10am, Saturday 14 September, so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements including how to create your Kiwiburner Profile!

There will be a Directed Distribution ticket sale to qualifying Theme Camps when Theme Camp registrations open.  More info on the Ticketing page.

Burning around the world

How does Kiwiburn compare with other Burns around the world? Pretty darn well at only $39 per night, around the same cost of a campsite in New Zealand.




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