Volunteers Needed

Jun 28, 2021

Hola Kiwiburners, have we got some juicy new volunteer roles ready for you to fill? Of course we do – it wouldn’t be an Electric Fencepost without some. 

First up – and we know you’ll find this one particularly tantalising after all the photography debates this year – we need a Photography Liaison! You’ll help draft our new photography policy, and work with the Communications Facilitator and event photographers (who you’ll help recruit) as well as regular camera-happy Burners to make sure photographers follow guidelines. You will also gather and publish those images which are suitable to be harvested and shared. You’ll need a good understanding of consent and privacy to take on this role, as well as competency with the web and social media. The job is 1-2 hours per week, increasing around the time of the Burn itself and with some small responsibilities on-Paddock.

Next we need a Swag Lead – this is the person who takes care of the patches, stickers, mugs, t-shirts and other whodangles that we give out to volunteers who contribute in a major way. You’ll need to be able to set and keep to a budget, and liaise with team leads and suppliers to ensure the right amount of shiny whatsits are ordered, delivered and distributed correctly. The role is 1-2 hours per week from October through into the immediate post-Burn period. You’ll need to be good at organising and communicating to take on this task, and preferably have some experience with uhhhh supplying stuff…

And of course we’re still on the lookout for three amazing sidekicks – Communications 2IC, Safety 2IC, and Services 2IC – check out our previous post here. You can also have a look at job descriptions for all available roles here and apply by filling in this nifty form

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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