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Last Call for Poster Submissions

Hey Burners, don’t forget to send us your submissions for the Kiwiburn 2022 poster - the theme of course is Time Travel, and submissions were gonna be due on 30 June (tomorrow!). However the deadline has been extended to 15 July to give you a little extra time to get...

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Volunteers Needed

Hola Kiwiburners, have we got some juicy new volunteer roles ready for you to fill? Of course we do - it wouldn’t be an Electric Fencepost without some.  First up - and we know you’ll find this one particularly tantalising after all the photography debates this year -...

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Greetings from an old friend

The Giant Weta, built by Auckland Burners in 2016, is looking mighty fine in her final resting place. She has travelled to Burning Man, to the Paddock, has been exhibited at a number of other Auckland sites and festivals until she was transported and installed at the...

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Ticketing Survey Results

Overview We put out a survey to the Burner community to see their reaction to a proposed ticketing change (survey and details of proposal available to view here: From this survey we received 304 responses from the community. The...

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Tickets: The Big News

Bells! Sirens! Bleeping sounds! Big Announcement: Kiwiburn has a new ticketing system! Input was asked and received, ExCom has conferred, and 2 big decisions were made: Kiwiburn 2022 tickets will be sold using a lottery system.  Registration will be open from 00:01 on...

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IT Team Member Needed for AirTable

We have AirTable and it’s awesome!  Now Kiwiburn’s Supreme Webmaster is looking for a new IT Team member to set up our AirTable. You’ll need to have prior experience running database systems - preferably with AirTable itself - as well as familiarity with Google...

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Dates for Kiwiburn 2022

We have a Theme: Time Travel, we are looking for posters to go with the theme, we are looking to give away money for Art Grants, so things are gearing up for Kiwiburn 2022. Except one tiny, weenzy little thing! We have as yet to officially confirm the dates for next...

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Art Grants Open

Aaaaand….. We are off! The money is on the table! Dance, my pretties, dance! You are formally invited to apply for Cold Hard Cash to fund your Crazy Arty Fun Dream. Who would say no? Storm your brain, make some sketches, fill in the form, and wait to see if the Money...

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Sidekicks Wanted

Three of Kiwiburn’s team leads are currently looking for sidekicks (well, 2ICs, though you can still wear a cape if you want to): the Communications Facilitator, Site Safety Facilitator, and Services Facilitator.  The Communications 2IC helps run Kiwiburn’s social...

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