Missing Art Piece

Feb 15, 2021

Burner community, we need some help!

A new artist brought along a magical piece to share with you all at Kiwiburn 2021. It is called Cybus Incaendo, and is a light box approximately 400mm by 400mm that emits hypnotic coloured lights from within. It stands on a post about 5 feet high and was last seen on Wednesday night of the Burn (yes, day one) in full glory, on the pathway to the forest, opposite the tentacles.

It went missing that evening and to date has not re-emerged!

If you know who borrowed it, we need to get it back asap…. 

This was a new artist to our community and we need as a community to help support its safe return.

Any information will be appreciated – please email Paul our Arts Facilitator – artsfacilitator@kiwiburn.com

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