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How did we like them odds? A ticket update.

Ticket Day 2021 has come and gone. Some celebrated, many wept, most went, what just happened? Here are some stats: 2300 total participants with 1150 tickets available via the lottery. The other 1150 are reserved for crew, artists and Theme Camps. 3900 registered...

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Debrief: the KB22 Ticket Lottery

Kia ora Burner whānau, Wow, that was a different general sale! This year, after KB21 tickets sold out in 10 minutes flat, we consulted with the community and implemented a new lottery system.  The lottery is now live, the first round of tickets has been...

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Onsite Crew Support Angel Needed

We are looking to fill many positions (just look!) but a very important one is the Onsite Crew Support role.  This is the person who looks after the onsite crew working to set up Kiwiburn on the Paddock.The job involves everything from helping create inclusive menus...

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Kiwiburn: Our Culture Explored

Curious how Kiwiburn creates a sense of belonging and community to counteract the fragmentation of global society? Our lovely resident researcher, Jax Watt, has explored the culture and experience of Kiwiburners and written up their findings in an academic paper, now...

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Meet our new ExCom Secretary!

As we all know, the ExCom Secretary wields secret and arcane power and makes the world go round (some say literally). And a new person is now stepping into those shoes: Meet Briar, our new Make Things Happen Smoothly person: Briar’s first experience of Kiwiburn was as...

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