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Badge making with Sunny

Get creative with felt pens or choose from a selection of lame pre-printed designs and Sunny will press you out a shiny new metal badge or six.

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Peace Crane origami folding

Join us folding 1000 origami cranes for peace! First timers welcome, visit Peace Crane for info. Come relax and enjoy the benefits of origami!

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Scavenger hunt to the death

Scavenger hunting as a competitive sport. Come make friends and enemies in a Paddock-wide epic battle for an incredibly average prize. Useful to find your feet on the Paddock.

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Fond of Fondue

What have you got? And would it be better dipped in chocolate? You bet it would. Bring yourself and anything fonduable along for a fondue night at 1 Outta 10: Continuous Improvement.

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A half marathon

Reckon you can run rings around Kiwiburn? Fit a chill half marathon into your day while doing everything else by running 1 km every hour on the hour (starting 9am). Loop track from 1 Outta 10: Continuous Improvement takes you back to camp for oranges/mimosas at every...

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Story-Time

Tired after a full day of setting up? Settle down for story time you froody bastard. Come and listen to a full reading of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from start to finish. Put your thumb out for a chapter or hitch on for the whole ride. BYO towel.

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Improv Cocktail

Join us and blend the unexpected mix of improv exercises and cocktail making. Improv your cocktails and cocktail your improv... Let's figure out what an improv cocktail party is about, bring your favourite tipple and imaginary character for a real made up party.

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What’s so cool about Antarctica?

Antarctica has the distinction of being the coldest, windiest, driest and highest continent in the world. It also has a major influence on global weather patterns and our future planet as our climate changes. How is Antarctica managed? What is the science telling us?...

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Grandma’s away – A Party.

It's back in the day –early 1970s.....Grandma is away for the weekend and the kids are throwing a party in her lounge. Shhh, don't tell her! We'll be spinning tunes and spilling drinks on the carpet - you're invited. Dress the part, drink the...

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Tramp run

Tramps, come earn your stamp! Start off Kiwiburn the right way; run, walk, or tramp ten laps of a 500m course (or as many as you want). For those with oodles and poodles of energy, finish the run with a bounce on our wondrous trampoline! All finishers will receive the...

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