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A Post of Gratitude

Kiwiburn ExCom held its annual Summit last weekend, for the first time entirely online. In another change, not only did this include planning for the Kiwiburn 2021 event on day 1; day 2 was all about the future and where Kiwiburn wants to go when it grows up. This...

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Theme Camp Registrations Now Open

Theme camp registrations are now open until 30 October, so get crackin’ on telling us all about your amazing Theme Camps, new or old, tried and tested, or maybe some brilliant new idea that is the one thing missing from the Paddock!  Please note that if you want to...

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Such Art! Much Grant!

Photo Credit: Alice Peperell Thank you to all you inspiring, aspiring, inspired artists who put together a proposal for an Artwork for Kiwiburn 2021 - you are all amazing fabulous unicorns of joy. Give yourselves a high five! As a result of your willingness to Make A...

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