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Arts and Events Registrations are Open!

Remember that time you thought making people dance to weird animal noises sounded like a fun idea? Now is your chance to make that happen! Or maybe you just want to host a workshop to get in touch with your inner platypus, host a crochet competition, or a blindfolded...

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It’s raining Art Grants! 

We have said it before, this Burn is not like other Burns. And it’s starting to show: our Art Grants this year have just broken all records! We received an unprecedented 92 applications (versus 43 last year). Our hard-working, artist-hugging KAC (Kiwiburn Arts...

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Community Facilitators Chosen

Yep, you read right, that's plural! We have co-leads to breathe life into our brand new Community department. The two co-leads are Tāmati Taptiklis and Craig Gainsborough. And if you know the current ExCom, that second name will sound familiar: Craig is our current...

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A message from ExCom

With only 155 days until Kiwiburn returns to the Paddock, we would like to share some important updates with you all. Firstly we need to let you all know that Kiwiburn’s Event Manager for 2021 has stepped down.   As many of you know, we are also currently looking at...

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Kiwiburn AGM this Wednesday

A final reminder: this year’s Annual General Meeting of Kiwiburn Society Incorporated is about to happen: When: 8pm on Wednesday 25th August, 2021.  Where: This will be a virtual meeting on Google Meet. Attendance is open to any and all Kiwiburn Society members – if...

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Remembering Jane Thomsen

Photo: Jane Thomsen with her husband, Mark ‘Yonderman’ Stirling   It is with great sadness that we share with you the recent sudden passing of long-time Kiwiburner, Jane Thomsen. The wife of Kiwiburn founder, Mark ‘Yonderman’ Stirling, Jane was known to many in...

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Centre Camp needs a Leader!

Kiwiburn’s Centre Camp - that’s the big white marquee that hosts important town-hall type meetings during the Burn, as well as other speechy and arty events - needs someone to organise, co-ordinate, and oversee the team that runs it.  The job is 2 to 4 hours per week...

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Art Grants bend the Space Time Continuum!

There is something about this Burn, we can just feel it: We have just counted our Art Grant applications and they total an unbelievable 92!  That’s 58 small, 31 large, and 3 innovation applications - we just could not believe our eyes as the applications rolled in...

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Theme Camp Registrations are open

It’s that time of the year already - Theme Camp Registrations are open! Have you thought about what you want to gift to the Kiwiburn community? Do you throw an epic day party? Can you build a cosy reading corner? Do you have a burning passion, a creative talent or a...

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