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Introduction To Channelling

Join poet, singer and mystic ArunDitha in this third-eye-opening workshop to learn basic techniques for channelling higher guidance. We are all able to connect with infinite wisdom from the collective field, we just have to choose to do it. Come along and find out how!

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An Uncivilised Post-Apocalyptic Civilisation Bar Party

A bar built from found and foraged treasure and staffed by post-apocalyptic rogues. Pull up a pew, and enjoy a drink or two at the end of the world. Our bar staff will regale you with salacious stories from beyond the pale while they pour a delicious drink right on...

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Ukulele Jam

Back again for the 3rd year running! Come join our UKULELE JAM at Tangerine Steeze!! Hosted by the Amateur Uke Enthusiast Lia. With our *hopefully* melodic strumming and hypnotising voices, let's serenade the day with some Tunes and Iced Tea! Amateurs, beginners, and...

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Metal Taming

In a post-apocalyptic world, you gotta know how to forage and forge the good shit. Come fabricate a metal accessory to assist with your survival. Resources are scarce so don't miss-out. Low level skills with a hammer may be required. May include Halloumi.

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Power of Play

A silly fun time with a dose of realness. We’ll play social games together to reveal power dynamics and the dark edges of how we interact in groups. Using the power of play to support individuals and groups to thrive.

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Weaving Landscapes & Deep Time

Let’s ground and arrive at Kiwiburn by exploring the land and ourselves. Where are we? What has happened here? Who am I? What is time anyway? Together we will observe, imagine, sense and track the different landscapes of the paddocks, forest and river. We will deepen...

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Tangerine Jam pt.2

Come on down to the steeziest musical jam on the Paddock! Get ready to rock out to some live music created on the spot. Instruments will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Whether you're a musician or a music lover, just bring yourself and be ready to get...

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MOOP Bin Decoration Station

Turning trash into treasure. Come to Playhouse to deck your MOOP receptacles out with stickers, shinies, and tape. BYO vessel or limited quantities available.

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