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Public Servant Drinks

The corporate world is infiltrating everywhere....even at a Burn...even at Solarsails. In an act of defiance and protest we call all public servants for Friday evening counter drinks! While they schmooze for the dollar we schmooze for THE PEOPLE. Nothing in the budget...

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Wheel Of Misfortune

Step on up, step on up ladies and gentlemen, and tempt your fate with the wheel of Miss Fortune. She’s cheeky, she’s sassy, unforgiving and surprising. Maybe you’ll strike lucky and find yourself with an ice-cold mimosa – or maybe you’ll end up getting a practice...

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Post-Apocalyptic Percussion Playtime

Come play with my junk and thrash my trash. Hit the things with sticks and make the rhythmic bang bang. A range of rusty rubbish and wasteland wonders to smash. What a sound we will make.

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Open Mic

The mic and stage is open, how will you choose to use it? Perhaps a poem, perhaps a song, perhaps a reading from your favourite book. Join us for a relaxed of shared live entertainment, You never know quite what might happen.

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A Freaky Night at the Cantina

Shake your tail like a Hutt in heat with a night of psychedelic space disco, space-western techno and freaky organic beats—FEATURING: Voidwalker, Beacon Bloom and other special guests! Bounty hunters permitted, but thermal detonators WILL be confiscated. Dress up...

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Jam night.

Calling all musicians. Come and collaborate with us for a night of making up music on the spot inspired by hypnotic visuals and rotating line up of musicians who have probably never met each other before. Bring your instruments or use something from our backline, as...

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Saving Birds by Trapping Pests

Ever wondered why we trap animals for conservation? Keen on rat trapping and want to learn more? Come along for a conservation korero and trapping workshop

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Jam Roulette

Spin the wheel to decide your time signature fate in this spicy jam session for under-stimulated musicians

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Rock and Roll lessons

Come get your swing on with some swinging rock n roll dance lessons. Bring a partner or find one there. The teacher promises. Show your appreciation by giving the teacher a pinch on the bum. He loves it.

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