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Sustainable Design from the Burning Man Project

Burning Man Project last year ran a competition for people to submit designs for projects to showcase innovations in sustainability. They have now chosen a winning project to be constructed on Burning Man’s “permanent outpost”, Fly Ranch in Nevada: Lodgers, “a series...

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Be a part of Virtual Burn

Burning Man is happening online again! And this year, it’s a journey around the world, with participants from New Zealand and Australia invited to host the day of 29 August 2021. Burning Man is calling upon Regional Contacts, Regional Event Organisers, Theme Camp and...

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Community Facilitator wanted

We are still accepting applications for Community Facilitator for Kiwiburn. The Community Facilitator is part of ExCom and looks after all aspects of the Burn family, from Diversity & Inclusion through Consent to Regionals. This role ties us together and helps...

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The Story of an Art Grant

Our own EFP writer Jo got an Art Grant last year, which helped her (financially and emotionally!) to make Reality Glitch, that bit of your grandma’s living room tucked away in a corner of the forest.  She writes about her experience in our blog this week - if you are...

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A Glitch in the Art Grants

Last year, I received an Art Grant to build Reality Glitch, the little bit of mystical living room corner which appeared in the new forest section at Kiwiburn 2021. You may be thinking of applying for an Art Grant this year (or thinking that you wish you could apply...

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Year Round Volunteer Roles

Help us round up year-round, well-rounded, all-round fabulous volunteers to make Kiwiburn go round. Don’t just stand around, fill in this form and join us at the round table (ExCom, do you have a round table? We need it for a bad pun!).  Ok, before the word round...

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Time is running out to make Time Travel Poster

We have an amazing theme, but what does our poster look like? Is it Sci Fi or SteamPunk? Pychedelic or metaphysical? Dr Who or Dr Emmett Brown? We can’t wait to see your take on our journey through time and space! Submit your design here!  Entries sent from the future...

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Art Grants are open until 15 August!

Got any weird and wonderful ideas brewing for Kiwiburn 2022? Now’s the time to get the gears turning. Art Grant applications are open until 15 August. Head to our website to apply now. Art: The Octopussy by Amanda Cleland and Zoe Deverick

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