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STEP Queue Reminder

Kiwiburn’s Ticketing Team is still getting too many queries around STEP, so practice some radical self reliance and check the website for answers first. The most common question is how to check your place in the STEP queue: Step 1: Log in to your Quicket account Step...

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Community Welcome to the Kiwiburn Community! Here you'll find the latest news and info, as well as connect with other Burners (via Facebook), and keep in touch with the happening at Kiwiburn Organisation, through our annual Census and Afterburn Reports. Also, stay in...

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Terms, Conditions & Policies

Terms, Conditions & Policies In order to ensure that Kiwiburn remains a safe place, we have standard Terms and Conditions along with a range of accompanying policies. All people who buy tickets to Kiwiburn agree to abide by these Terms, Conditions and Policies. We...

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